Grocery Qualification Form

When folks hear Ace Hardware Grocery, we often get asked if Ace is now selling groceries. That's not quite what we mean. An Ace Hardware Grocery store is an existing grocery store that dedicated previously unused square footage to an Ace Hardware within the store. Your customers can now pick up hammers and other tools at the same time as their bread and milk. We also commonly see grocers open Ace Hardware stores in the same strip mall as their existing grocery store.

Over 220 stores within our grocery channel nationwide

Over 125 new Ace grocery stores opened in the last five years

Ace Hardware within a Grocery Store occupied as little as 5,000 Sq. Ft.

Partnered with The Grommet for more innovative products

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Initial Investment

To invest in an Ace Hardware store, the minimum financial requirements are $250,000 in liquid capital and $400,000 of net worth.


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