Grocery + Ace Hardware

About Ace Hardware Grocery

When folks hear Ace Hardware Grocery, we often get asked if Ace is now selling groceries. That's not quite what we mean. An Ace Hardware Grocery store is an existing grocery store that dedicated previously unused square footage to an Ace Hardware within the store. Your customers can now pick up hammers and other tools at the same time as their bread and milk. We also commonly see grocers open Ace Hardware stores in the same strip mall as their existing grocery store.

Over 220 stores within our grocery channel nationwide

Over 125 new Ace grocery stores opened in the last five years

Ace Hardware within a Grocery Store occupied as little as 5,000 Sq. Ft.

Partnered with The Grommet for more innovative products

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A Winning Combination

Ace is the place for Grocery! Adding Grocery to your Ace Hardware business creates differentiation versus other stores, in addition to convenience. Conversely, adding an Ace Hardware to your grocery business gives you access to the #1 brand in convenience hardware. With over 220 stores within our grocery channel nationwide, the growth is evident. 125 of our grocery stores have been opened in the last 5 years. On average, we open 25 Ace grocery stores per year, which means a new grocer joins Ace every 15 days!

Mark Thomas of C&R Supermarkets recently added an Ace to his store and received a great response from his customers. His community now has the added convenience of a great selection of hardware items right inside their local supermarket along with services like paint mixing and key cutting.

Adding Ace Hardware to your grocery business adds benefits far beyond the obvious. It's as much about providing more selection and convenience to your existing customers but also attracting a whole new customer base you may not even be serving right now! Some of these benefits include:

Free Initial Inventory*

*Incentive varies by store. Format/size are based on Discovery recommended products and quantities. Incentive given as a credit, not as cash or a loan.

No Franchise or Royalty Fees

Attracts new high-margin customers

Differentiation vs. other grocery stores

I am thoroughly pleased with our Ace Hardware partnership. Ace has had a positive impact on our store and our team and has been well received by our community.

-Mark Thomas
C&R Supermarkets
Fayette, MO

Grocery Success Story

Ace sales, cash flow and profitability projections performed by our Market Development Manager have been spot on YTD. Our knowledge of the hardware industry was limited, so their expertise on item selection, store layout, marketing and team training has been fantastic. Grocers are good at buying. Ace teaches you how to become good at selling! We are investigating our next store with Ace very soon.

-Mark Thomas
C&R Supermarkets
Fayette, MO

Let's talk grocery!

Looking to add an Ace Hardware to your existing store? Shoot us a message and our experts will be happy to walk you through the process.