Open A New Store: How We Compete


Ace Hardware stores are primarily individually owned and operated. Being locally owned means their customers are their friends, their neighbors and their fellow citizens. It is this type of involvement that would make your store a fabric of the community. The Ace team is here to help you become Globally Known and Locally Embraced. Some initiatives Ace has implemented to increase our convenient capabilities are our industry leading Ace Rewards program, Free Store Pickup, and our national advertising plan.

The Ace Rewards program has over 50 million members and growing! Several benefits to stores are Instant Savings, SMS messaging, national phone lookup at POS, and local and national emails. Over half of all transactions in over 5,600 stores are with an Ace Rewards card. Overall, the program offers a broad range of strategic marketing capabilities that help drive customer sales and transactions.

Free Store Pickup allows our customers to buy online and pickup at their store of choice. Over 90% of orders are picked up in-store which drives incremental footsteps into our stores. An additional 30% of consumers state they bought more items while at the store picking up their online order proving our convenience in the marketplace.

And the Ace brand is recognized by over 92% of all consumers. We’re readily identified as “Helpful” with the personal touch of a neighborhood hardware store. By offering a more personal kind of helpful, we ensure our customers feel like their buying from their friends within a 5 to 10-minute drive from their homes.


Our vision at Ace Hardware is to be the best, most helpful hardware stores on the planet. After all, Ace is the place with the Helpful Hardware Folks! We fulfill our brand promise by delivering on “Helpful” and amazing every customer, every time.

Ace has a role-based training curriculum designed in-store and in a multi-level approach that is delivered through various channels, such as E-Learning, In-Store and Workshops. Ace Hardware embeds training in everything we do!


Our mission at Ace Hardware is to be the best provider of products, services and operating methods for convenience hardware retailers. We strive to build the Ace brand by offering superior products and retail programs to drive store profits. One way in which this is done is by enriching the assortment. We supply a relevant, differentiated and localized product mix, including our Best Brands.

Ace is the place with all the Best Brands. No other retailer has all of these brands under one roof. Ace retailers who have harnessed the power of some (or all) of the Best Brands have seen larger overall sales growth.

With as little as 1,200 square feet of floor space, you can battle the seasonality of your business by offering high-demand products – names our customers know and trust all year ’round! This also comes with having the lowest cost of goods due to better buying power and best in class distribution efficiency. The Ace team is here to help you create a store with the highest quality products for any new customer.

Let’s take the next step!