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are growing top line retail sales by nearly double.

OVER 20%: $195k annual sales growth

– B2B growth contributed 35% of overall growth

UNDER 20%: $104k annual sales growth

– B2B growth contributed 8% of overall growth

Stores who are actively servicing their business customers are realizing


in daily sales M-F

B2B customers spend twice as much as DIY per transaction

Avg Spend:

B2B: $80

DIY: $39

On average, B2B customers spend 9 times more than DIY customers per year

Annual value:

B2B: $3,398

DIY: $353

Data above reflects 2018 metrics of stores at or above 20% B2B

Extend your helpful promise
to businesses in your community

Weatherproof your business
B2B has less seasonality and sales are more consistent year round

“B2B is all about listening to your customers and what they want. Helping our customers is the key to being in the retail business.”

Ken Fluegge
Ken’s Ace Hardware,
Jackson MO

“B2B is just a logical program for anyone that is serious about growing their store, their store profits, their imprint in the community. I can’t understand why stores wouldn’t want to be in B2B because it is solidifying your place in the community.”

Tim McDonald
Madison Ace Hardware, Madison FL

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