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Convert Your Store: Retail Training

Retail training works strategically to deliver new training that leads and/or supports each of the five key ways to learn:

Did you know all Ace associates earn their red vests? To help with common retailer facing challenges, our retail training team provides online training at the Ace Learning Place, curriculum development, in-store training and hands-on workshops to make sure new associates, existing associates and leadership are fully prepared to fullfill the helpful promise. Every Ace employee is helpful certified and has completed Helpful 101 and 201 training to provide top level customer service. Other training areas include business to business, finance, inventory tracking and management and store operations.


Both of these ways of learning are included in our Learning Plans by Role where Retail Training is focused on enhancing the learning and development of associates to become Helpful Ready and improve retention. Prescriptive Learning Plans by Role are available that include three phases: Onboarding > Ongoing > Expert and provide training curriculum, tools and leadership and coaching resources that retailers and their new and existing associates need to develop effectively and efficiently.


Ace Retailers have access to timely, relevant and helpful training anytime, anywhere through Ace Learning Place.


Instructor-led training provides managers and associates with the opportunity to learn key concepts, practice essential skills and receive coaching/feedback in a group setting. Participants gain knowledge in the live class setting while experiencing the rich value of networking with others in similar roles. A list of all current instructor-led training offerings such as customer service, plumbing and electrical, coaching, manager training with certification, management and leadership.


We offer a variety of customized retail training programs, workshops and one-on-one consulting to help your business achieve higher sales, greater customer engagement and a more profitable store through:

  • Training your staff to reach Helpful 101, Helpful 201 and The Supply Place (B2B) certifications
  • Training on In-Store B2B Culture and how to perform successful sales calls with customers
  • Training on Customer Experience and Sales
  • Training on Merchandising or Marketing to increase performance
  • Providing computer instruction on Inventory Management best practices
  • Consulting with owners on new store startups and branch stores
  • Identifying business processes and store management responsibilities needed